Providence favors our undertakings....

Signs in the heavens
When I visited Bay Shore for the first time in March, 1969, I went walking with a group of friends in the evening, and we saw a rare, magnificent full-color aurora borealis; evidently a sign.

When I returned to Bay Shore four months later, I had a six hour out-of-body experience during meditation on July 13, 1969
(7-13-69), during which I left the physical universe.

I have spent every July 13th since then in gratitude. To commemorate the 44th anniversary, I took a hotel room on the water on July 13, 2013 (7-13-13). An unusual night rainbow appeared that evening, like an echo of the first aurora. (The hotel placed me in room 317, which my wife reminded me is 713 backwards.)
Four years later, I saw a magnificent rainbow at 7:13PM on 7/13/2017.

I was carrying a pedometer that day, and at that moment, the readout displayed 0.69 miles.

Signs in numbers
Since I am scientifically-minded, most of the signs I have noticed have to do with numbers.
The cardinal numbers for July 13, 1969 are: 7, 13, 19 and 69.

On July 13, 1969, the address I was staying at was 7 Bradish Lane.
Bradish has 7 letters.
My name, John Mee, has 7 letters.
My wife's name, Rita Mee, has 7 letters.
Rita and I were engaged on December 7.

My birthday is January 3 or 1/3.
Rita and I were married on January 13.
My graduating class rank in high school was 13 out of 640.
Future Life Institute was founded in 2011. 2+0+11 = 13
My address in California was 2011 Countrywood Court. 2+0+11 = 13
My addresses in Arizona were:
800 East Missouri # 401 . . 8+4+1 = 13
3819 East Camelback # 166 . . 38 = 19+19. . 1+6+6 = 13
My credit union account number is 200013.
On August 21, 2017, the day of a solar eclipse, I looked up my facebook profile on google. The J.L. Mee link I clicked on took me to someone in the Phillipines instead of my page. This J.L. Mee listed listed her employer as: “13.”

My body was 19 years old in 1969.
In the summer of 1969, I was living at my family’s home in Syosset, Long Island.
Syosset’s zip code is 11791. 1+1+7+9+1 = 19
The street address in Florida where I developed cognitive physics is 5491. 5+4+9+1 = 19

My birth year is 1950. . 19 + 50 = 69 . . 19 50 + 19 = 19 69
The one person I spoke to during my experience on July 13, 1969, Mark Wellens, went on to have a lifespan of 69 years.
13 x 13 = 169
My sister’s zip code in Japan is 769-29
The aurora returned in my 69th year, fifty years to the day since I first saw it on March 23, 1969.

For thousands of years, Hindus and Buddhists have used strings of prayer beads in meditation. There are 108 beads in a string.
7 + 13 + 19 + 69 = 108
Also, 7+13+19 = 39 (the age I began writing), and 39 is 13 x 3.

Road signs

My parents have had a home for thirty years in an enclave in Florida. The exit to their home from Florida's turnpike empties onto Bayshore Boulevard. Taking I-95, one goes past Exit 102, which is Florida Route 713. The name of this road is High Meadow Avenue. During the years I developed cognitive physics, I was within walking distance of a street called Bay Shore Road.

More signs
Future Life Institute’s federal tax ID is 27-50-77748.
27 = year of my mother’s birth (1927)
50 = year of my birth (1950)
77748: 7+7+7+48 = 69


Taken individually, each of these signs could be a coincidence, but when you put them all together, they start to add up. For those who cannot muster an ounce of faith, 100 signs are not enough, but for others, 25 signs may suffice.

The person who received these signs was not engaged in trivial pursuits like brewing beer or building vacuum cleaner factories. He was developing a new mathematics of consciousness to uplift humanity into universal self-awareness. Think for a moment, is this the kind of enterprise which Providence might favor?

These signs are decorative ornaments on a larger river of Divine intelligence which has shaped my life. A highly unlikely chain of events led me to Bay Shore in the first place. An even more improbable series of circumstances enabled me to codify the principles of cognitive physics over the span of four decades. I had neither the intelligence nor the power to arrange these events.

Behind the progress of human civilization is a guiding Hand, unseen by many, but unlimited in its power. Over the eons, this force has impelled human achievement to new heights through each succeeding generation. I recognize this power as the guiding force in my life; my compass, my north star, my inspiration.

If you feel the presence of this power within you, I invite you to join with me in opening a golden age of wisdom for humanity.

"Providence favors our undertakings"